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The evening sky contains numerous stars, and in the same vein there are numerous websites online promising to give you the rare opportunity of naming a star after a loved one. The problem now is deciding which site will give you the best deal and this Online Star Registry review aims to help you deal with that dilemma. Money is no object when it comes to a special person in your life, but you do want to get a great deal that can make your special gesture even more special for both you and the recipient.

Every product/service has what entrepreneurs call a unique selling point or USP. A USP, simply put, is what makes the product stand out from the rest. It could be the product/service itself, the price, benefits, additional perks, and pretty much anything and everything that can make it even more appealing to potential customers canvassing for good deals. In a highly competitive market where imitation can be done in the blink of the eye, especially in the business of star naming, it’s really the USP of the product/service that can make the customer go from a potential buyer to a guaranteed one—as this Online Star Registry review aims to prove.

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As with any review, this Online Star Registry review will give you a brief but comprehensive peek at what the website Online Star Registry is all about. In a nutshell, the Online Star Registry is a business that lets its customers buy novelty gift items from their website—specifically, stars. The business takes pride in the fact their gift items are not only unique, they’re also perfect for every kind of occasion: from birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, graduation, and even as a token of sympathy for people who have recently lost a loved one.

Next up, what exactly do you get when you do business with Online Star Registry? The Online Star Registry review gives you a breakdown of what you can expect to get with them. The Online Registry Star Kit package has a certificate, a star map, and a handbook entitled, aptly enough “The Book of Stars”.

The embossed star certificate not only showcases the name you chose for the star, it also points out the star’s designated location in the cosmos. Of course, with billions and billions of stars filling up the night sky, it’s quite difficult to pinpoint the recipient’s star from the other stars. For that you have the detailed Star Map which points out the star, encircled in red, from the cluster of stars up there.

The Star Map also indicates the coordinates of the star. Finally, “The Book of Stars”, which actually comes for free in the Star Kit, lets you and the recipient get up close and personal with the galaxy through photographs of the star clusters as viewed from the Hubble Space Telescope.

What can the Online Star Registry offer you? Here’s what the Online Star Registry review found out. The site has three packages: the Standard Star, the popular Zodiac Star, and the Twin Star. The Standard Star Kit lets you name one star and sends over the items listed above. The Zodiac and Twin Star Kits offers a tad bit more. With the Zodiac Star Kit, you get the special option of naming a star from the constellation of the person’s zodiac sign.

For the romantics in a long-distance relationship, the Twin Star Kit might be more your thing as it lets you buy twin stars sharing the same location in the heavens. Two people who might be separated by location will at least have a star in the heavens to remind them of their special bond.

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