Name a star for my love

Romantics are notorious for promising to give their loved ones every single thing in the world, especially the infamous promise of giving them sun, the moon, the stars, and pretty much every last heavenly body in the universe. But you can bet they never even thought of “Hey, why don’t I name a star for my love?” Romantics, heaven help them, always aim for grand gestures and you can’t go any grander than literally aiming for the stars and naming it after somebody you care a great deal for.

Don’t laugh now; it’s actually possible now for ordinary people to name a star after someone they know. Thanks to the internet, ordinary people can now bypass the “name that star” game pre-requisites; you now no longer have to be rich, famous, or both, to associate a person with a heavenly body.

The basic qualifications now are access to the internet and a functioning credit card. Depending on how grand a gesture you’re going for, you can take your pick of the websites that offer the star naming service. Some offer you packages at low prices, approximately 20 dollars at least, while there are also sites that have higher price tags. It’s pretty much up for you to decide just how much it should cost you to be able to fulfill your dream of “name a star for my love”.

Once you’ve selected a website from the large lot, what do you expect to get with the package that proves you’re successful in your pursuit and are now able to say “I have name a star for my love”? Well, first of all, there’s the certificate as proof. The certificate would not only contain the new name acquired by the star courtesy of your generosity, it would also have the coordinates of the star indicated on it. Showing the certificate off is one thing—the clincher is actually showing them the actual star.

Even if you’re armed with the coordinates, most people would have difficulty locating the star thanks to the billions of stars scattered in the evening sky. It is precisely because of this reason that star packages also include detailed maps of the night sky that can guide you when you want to locate your star and point it out to people. No need to searching aimlessly now.

If you’re the diehard romantic type, you can even choose which specific star you want when you want to “name a star for my love”. Adds a personal touch, if you will, to the already grand gesture. Most websites give you the opportunity to select a star from that special person’s zodiac constellation or from that special person’s favorite constellation like Orion for instance.

You can even request to have stars located next to each other be named after you and your significant other. It’s a pretty nifty reminder for people who are in a long distance relationship to have a unique reminder of their love that they can look at night as they gaze up at the heavens. Love is a feeling that can’t be defined, but it can definitely be expressed and emphasized through gestures.

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