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You can see the stars from all points of the earth; all you need to do is look up at the evening sky and there they are twinkling away regardless of what part of the world you’re standing in. This is what the online company Global Star Registry is banking on. Nothing says “thoughtful” more than having a shared reminder for you and your loved one placed high up in the universe for the entire world to see and gaze upon as well.

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Websites like the Global Star Registry are pretty much everywhere on the internet and they all promise the same items when you avail of their service: a certificate, a map of the stars, and sometimes even throw in generic complimentary gifts like star handbooks, picture books, and the like. But don’t think that this is one of those sites—they can offer more than just those things, in fact. After all, with the amount of money you’re spending for their service you would want to get your money’s worth. First up, a brief rundown of the standard items: the certificate and the star map.

The certificate included in the kit contains the star’s name and its astronomical coordinates. Once you register the name with the site, it’s filed away in a Registry vault and included in a book of stars that would be registered with the United States copyright office. With the Sky Map, you get a better view of the star and its surroundings. The scientifically accurate map, with its easy-to-understand layout, is designed with the amateur astronomers in mind. Armed with the Sky Map, you can start locating for your star with your own binocular or telescope. The gift package you get also includes individually designed cards that have information about the universe, the constellations, and the stars. There’s also a CD to further help you locate your star.

Now, for the “something more” part of the deal. The Global Star Registry is very big on reminders of the thoughtful gesture and ups the ante when it comes to the gifts thrown in with their star kit deals. This is pretty much what sets them apart from all the other websites offering similar services. When you order one of their Star Kit packages, you can also get a pendant, ideal for necklaces and key rings, with an engraving of the constellation and the coordinates of your star. Depending on the package you get, you can either get a gold-plated pendant or a silver-plated one.

The Global Star Registry has four product options to choose from: the standard Star Kit, the Zodiac Star Kit, the Orion Star Kit, and the Twin Star Kit. All the packages include the aforementioned items. People who opt for the Orion and Zodiac have the opportunity of choosing stars located within the Orion and the zodiac constellation clusters. With the Orion package, you can also get that exclusive gold-plated pendant. The Twin Star package is ideal for people who share a special relationship as you receive double sets of each of the package’s contents.

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