Dedicate a Star for Someone

What would it be like if you could dedicate a star for someone?

Since time immemorial, stars have always been considered special. They are these brilliant and beautiful balls of gases that burn in the sky, in outer space, billions of miles away. There are billions of stars out there, and since time and time again, they have always been the subject of many a romantic’s dreams, a young child’s fantasies, a couple’s sentimental sweet-nothings, a traveler’s most trusted guide, an artist’s painting, a musician’s song, a writer’s prose and poems. They have become symbols of hope, of dreams, of love, of mystery, of strength, beauty, light, brightness, joy, even of power and immortality.

You can just imagine what an honor you could give someone and what happiness and gratitude you could make a person feel if you could dedicate a star for someone.

Stars do not make for ordinary gifts or dedications; they are almost indestructible and untouchable by human force. Love letters can be burned; cakes, pastries, chocolates, ice cream and other food can be fast consumed; video and sound tapes erased; books, stuffed toys, trinkets and pictures as well as other memorabilia, even electronics can be lost, stolen, damaged, given or thrown away; e-mail, text messages, status messages, all can be easily deleted with a push of a button.

But stars remain up there in the sky for a long time to come- longer than any human’s lifetime, so if you really want to give a tribute that will last and serve as the near-everlasting beacon for your message, then the best idea would be to dedicate a star for someone.

How do you make this possible?

The things that you are going to need are actually pretty basic. First of all, and most important, you are going to need at least 15 dollars, but if you want to be totally sure that you can get a really good star that you’d like for your special someone, then you must upgrade to at least 50 dollars.

Next you are going to need a computer with a secure internet connection, and armed with your cash, you can start searching for companies online that offers these star-buying services.

You do not need to go to NASA in order to make dedicating a star for someone possible- NASA does not offer these services. You can only obtain these from some companies that will then have several packages for you to choose from depending on whether or not you’d like to have other star-viewing materials that can add to your initial gift.

The essential items you can expect from these packages are the certificates and plaques for the star you have chosen, your dedication, the person’s name that you want it dedicated to, and the star’s coordinates.

Prices normally range from 14 dollars at the cheapest to 50 dollars. If you want additional reading materials, guides, maps, references and manuals, you can opt for the more expensive packages.

Now that you know the basics, you can check them out and see how best you can try to make your special someone happy with this tribute.

If you dedicate a star for someone, this would be a very far-reaching gift as the star that you have picked will be witnessed not only by the person you’d want to dedicate it to, but can also be openly seen by the rest of the world. The romance and sentimentality of this idea just adds to the beauty and uniqueness of this gift as a lasting tribute to that special person. Your gift will be remembered for the longest time.

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