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Everybody knows that when a love struck individual promises to give the moon and stars, it’s strictly as a metaphor. However, now it’s possible to do so—but how to buy a star? Well, one can’t buy a star per se, but you can have the next best thing: attaching a special person’s name to one of the many stars twinkling in the evening sky.

How to buy a star? Years ago this was probably a question that people wouldn’t have entertained, much more have access too. In the olden days, the process of having your name attached to one of the universe’s heavenly bodies required you to be either rich or famous. Nowadays just about anybody can share their name with a star. All you need to have is a computer, internet connection, and a working credit card to set everything up.

There are as many star naming websites that can offer this service as there are stars in the night sky. But which website can offer you a good deal on how to buy a star? There are websites that lets you name a star for 20 dollars a pop, sometimes even less, but if you’re the type of person who’s into grand gestures—not to mention willing to spend a considerable amount of money for the gesture—well, there are websites that can do that to. The more expensive packages, despite costing more, throw in a little something more to sweeten the deal.

The standard star kit packages come with a certificate and detailed map of the night sky. The certificate would contain the basic information: the name you’ve chosen for the star, its cosmological coordinates, dedication date, and more. Once you’ve registered the name with the website, they’ll record the name and store it in their databases. Registration gets the name included in the website’s list that’s published in the package’s complimentary handbook.

Of course, what’s the point of having the prestige of sharing your name with a star if you can’t show off the actual star? With the detailed sky map included in the package, you can locate the unique star and point it out to your friends and loved ones. The map would include specific coordinates so you can set your telescope or binoculars to the star’s location and gaze on it whenever you feel like it. How to buy a star? It’s not so quite impossible now with the internet to help you.

At this point, you won’t be asking “how to buy a star?” but “which star to pick?” The infinite stars that fill up the vast firmament are clustered up in groups, some of them well-known constellations that acquire special meaning due to their history. Make your purchase extra special by picking out a star that’s included in a constellation that holds a personal meaning for both you and the recipient. Most websites offer the stars located within the 12 zodiac signs, while some offer inclusion in major constellation groups like Orion.

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