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Is it really true that you can buy s star online? If you really want to find out, you can try checking out how to buy s star online now.

First, why would you want to buy s star online? Aren’t stars a part of astronomical data for scientists’ use only and isn’t NASA supposed to handle all this?


First of all, NASA does not sell stars. You cannot buy stars or obtain rights for any stars by going to NASA.

Second of all, nobody can really own stars.

So, you may ask, what’s the point of “buying” stars?

The answer is actually quite simple but nevertheless rather sweet. Nowadays, if you really want to get something sweet, special and utterly unique for your special someone or, say your child, brother, sister, mother, father, lover, etc., then buying a star would just be it for this goal.

Not only is a star something that is way up in the sky, sparkling eternally, it is also a symbol for something really sweet and long-lasting. And if you want a gift that will last longer than cake, longer than a picture, longer than a pair of boots, a jacket, a shirt, a Nintendo game, makeup, or a trip to Paris or whatever, then giving a real-live star named after that special person makes for the ultimate and perfect gift that will outlast all other gifts in comparison.

This might seem sentimental but really, this is what counts. Anywhere your special someone or loved one goes, he or she will always be able to see your gift, and your gift will last longer than any other gift because this truly will last them a lifetime.

It may seem silly at first, but a lot of people have given testimonials on how happy this rather romantic gesture made them feel. It’s really rare that someone gets a star named after them so receiving a plaque or certificate from a special someone which says that a star has been paid for and named after them could really work wonders as a unique gift.

If you want to buy s star online, there are a lot of companies which offer star buying services that you can check out.

Prices used to range at about 50 dollars more or less, but now, there are some companies which offer packages that range from about 14 to 20 dollars.

Of course, the more expensive packages will also include more perks- like extra books on astronomy, extra guides, manuals and maps for star gazing and also additional info and readings on the particular star you have chosen like the mythological stories about it, and such.

Some packages also even include guides on additional references for your reading pleasure on astronomy.

The good side of this then, is that not only can you buy and name a star for your special someone, you can even add in those extra materials.

This is also a popular gift-giving method for some parents to their kids because some actually could get their kids interested in science and astronomy. Who knows, maybe when they grow up, they might want to work for NASA.

The possibilities are endless with this new and brilliant idea for a gift; especially now that prices are better and less expensive compared to the prices of before when the industry was just new.

So enough hesitation and buy s star online now if you want to make that special mark on your special someone’s life through this unique, long-lasting and sentimental gift.

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