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If you’re thinking of getting a loved one something really unique that would make them feel extra-special, something truly out of the ordinary, then a good idea would be to maybe try finding out how to buy a star in the sky.

At first glance the idea seems really absurd, yes… because who has ever thought of buying a star in the sky and actually giving it as a gift to someone? It turns out a lot have already thought of this and you might want to try it out for yourself and see how wonderfully your loved one might react at this rather sentimental yet nonetheless very sweet gesture.

Of course, you cannot really buy a star outright and claim it as your own because nobody can really own stars- so you might ask, what’s the point of all this?

The thing is, there are many companies that offer star buying services wherein you are allowed to choose a star for your loved one based on their services. Also, some companies have varying packages on their star buying services and depending on the amount you are willing to pay off, these companies can offer you extra materials aside from the basics.

Basically, if you buy a star in the sky from these companies, you will be allowed to give a name to the star you buy, and these companies will then send you a plaque or certificate which verifies the transaction you have made. This plaque or certificate will then include the name you have given to the star, the dedication to the special person you want to give it to, the person’s name, and the star’s coordinates so you and your loved one can then view the star that you have named.

Some packages include maps and mythological stories, other guides and articles about the star you have chosen for your loved one and this adds to the beauty of the gift you give them- knowing the different stories that their particular star has is very interesting and makes it more meaningful for them.

Other packages also include special kits such as astronomy guides. There are manuals for beginners in astronomy as well as instructions and tips for finding stars and even constellation charts. Some packages even include more guides on additional references on astronomy and the particular star you have chosen, as well as other stars and constellations that are also available.

Some companies even offer additional medallions, special additional books on stars and astronomy, as well as logbooks for stargazing. This all depends on the package you will choose; every company has their own selection of star buying services and packages to offer; these you can all check online.

A common mistake some people who are new to the trend of buying and naming stars as gifts make is to assume that they can buy stars from NASA. This is not possible of course, as NASA does not offer any service of this sort.

As has been mentioned, if you want to buy a star in the sky, the place to go to would be the companies that you can easily search on the internet.

These companies do not own the stars but through their company’s services, you are able to find and name a certain star for your loved one and even have a certificate and coordinates just to make them feel special that somewhere out there, logged in a certain company’s books, was a star that had been found, paid for and named after them by a special someone.

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